Since May 2020, Green Karat has become one of the few Health Canada licensed producers. Established on the North Shore of Montreal, our family-founded enterprise has for mission ​to cultivate refined artisanal cannabis​. And as Quebecer producers, we take much pride in our high-quality flowers.

The motivation behind our dedicated labor resides at the core of our company and we believe that our unbreakable determination makes us overachievers. We are conscious of our social responsibility, and our joint venture with Health Canada .As a result of our constant efforts, we are confident to provide you with our limited edition of ultra-premium certified cannabis.


Rooted in the soil of our hometown, Green Karat is the fulfillment of a common dream, cultivated by an all-time partnership of two passionate entrepreneurs.

​From seed to flower​

Our expertise shapes our refined product, where each growth comes from a carefully selected genetic breed. From seed to sale, our flowers come to maturity inside the most sophisticated facilities known to cannabis cultures.

Our botanic​

Our botanical environment is pesticide-free because our care for growth and development resides in every cropping and every flower cell we produce. Green Karat ecosystem upholds the highest standard of the industry set by Health Canada. We value the botanical aspect of our product because just like the flowering of our company, the natural process of cannabis requires patience and devotion.

​Our harvest​

Our hand trimmed harvest is an additional effort we have put in place to respect the gentle nature of our crops. This procedure enables us to maintain a product that is high in terpenes and trichomes.

Cold Cured

The drying method is a crucial stage in our production since it brings together all the efforts previously made in the creation of our high-end craft cannabis. By curing our flowers slowly, in a crisp environment, it enhance the aroma of our product and preserves the terpenes concentration.